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Northwest Police Chief brings kids gift after incident (Photo: Kenny Smith)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A high speed chase spins into a positive message for one Columbus County family and hundreds of others on social media. Following the incident that happened over the weekend, Kenny Smith shared a Facebook post with a strong message.

“That’s what this was about, about shedding light on good stuff, not bad,” Smith said.

Smith shared the positive post about local police officers, specifically Northwest Police Chief Copelen Taylor, getting nearly 500 likes, 130 shares and counting, and dozens of comments.

“So when I read it I actually cried,” Taylor said.

The high speed chase started in Brunswick County and ended up in a crash and search in Columbus County. Taylor and two other Navassa police officers were looking for the suspect in Smith’s backyard. All the commotion scared Smith’s young daughter and her friend who he thinks of as a daughter.

But it is what Taylor did once the suspect was in custody that moved Smith to tears.

“He went from a gun pointed this way looking for somebody to holstered and hugging my children like it’s gonna be ok kind of thing. And it was good stuff,” Smith said.

“I got on my knees and I talked to the little girls and told them it was okay. I said we caught the bad guy and I gave them a hug,” Taylor said.

It was a stressful situation for anyone, especially kids.

“Well not only are we police officers, but the majority of us are parents as well. So I would have hope that an officer would have done the same thing to my kids if they were terrified and upset,” Taylor said.

The following day Taylor brought the girls stuffed animals. When he went to drop them off he was greeted at the door by Smith, the girls had just left for a birthday party.

“He shook my hand and then he just grabbed me and gave me a hug,” Taylor said. “And that just made me cry. It made me really feel good.”

Smith said the kind gesture was above and beyond the call of duty.

“It makes me feel good to know that, you know, that my daughters have a positive experience with the police department. That they know that they’re there for them to protect them. And they’ll never forget that. They’ll never forget that,” Smith said.

The girls named one of the stuffed animals “Chief Teddy Bear” after Taylor. To read Smith’s full Facebook post, click here.


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