Humpday Health: Suspension bands great for body weight workouts


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While building muscle, it’s common to want to work your way up to the heaviest weights possible, but sometimes, your own body can be the best weight to use.

“How we use our body to do different resistance training is another, whole different exercise,” said health expert Evonne Varady.

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Suspension bands, or TRX, are easy to set up anywhere.

No weight is involved except for your own body and you can do a wide variety of workouts like pullups, pushups, and mountain climbers.

“The TRX is just a great way for an overall body workout. Building those extra calories per minute because you’re using cardio with a workout,” said Varady.

You can also customize the way you use the TRX to use more or less of your body weight, depending on preference.

“When she was sitting there gripping the handles and pulling herself up, again, that’s all body weight and different positions of your feet, you can do less percentage of your body weight or a heavier percentage,” said Varady.

So the next time you go to the gym, consider ditching the heavy weights and use suspension bands to build some muscle instead.