San Juan Café raising money for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s been a week of uncertainty for a Wilmington woman who still has not heard from her family members in Puerto Rico.

The hurricane devastated the US territory, and now members of our community are pulling together to help any way they can.

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Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico and surrounding islands destroyed without power. Those with ties down there are worried.

Maria Alvarez hasn’t heard from any of her family members or friends who live in Puerto Rico.

“I haven’t gotten no contact about, I think it was Monday I decided to call my brother in-law cause I have tried nothing went through,” Alvarez said.

She said she has hope.

“Every morning I get up at five o’clock and I’m hoping that my phone will ring and my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law will answer me or say you know, you know we’re okay. This is what’s happening,” Alvarez said.

Thousands of miles away from the islands, San Juan Café in Wilmington wants to help anyway they can.

“I’m from the region and we have a Latin restaurant and I have a lot of Latin clientele that are from Puerto Rico and ya know, it’s the right thing to do,” Owner William Quetel said.

Quetel said thankfully he has heard from his family in the Virgin Islands and feels for those who are left wondering.

“I’m hoping, or at least something,” Alvarez said.

With the help of the community San Juan Café is raising money to send to both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

“It’s always the aftermath of the hurricane that’s the worst thing ya know. The hurricane is thrilling and terrifying and it last a couple hours, but then it’s ya know months of slogging for a line for everything.”Quetel said.

San Juan Café is selling ten dollar raffle tickets for a chance to win a signature Jose Feliciano guitar.

The restaurants is also donating proceeds from their dinner special.