UNCW and AT&T fight against distracted driving


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Texting while driving is dangerous, illegal and occurs every day. So AT&T and UNCW teamed up to teach students and staff about the risk.

It’s called the “It Can Wait” campaign and it took place at the Fisher Student Center. They let students and staff try out a virtual reality simulation, all in an effort to drive home the risk of texting and driving.

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“The very first time, I reached to grab for my phone but it’s not there. But you’re still holding on to that steering wheel. I’m holding, I’m seeing, I’m hearing and it is entirely immersive and it feels like I am driving,” Carter Metcalf, a UNCW junior, said.

New Hanover County sheriff, Ed McMahon, tried out the simulation and says it’s important for the safety of everyone on the road.

“What can be worth your life? What kind of a text, what kind of an e-mail, what kind of a Facebook post, what could possibly be worth your life or someone else’s life,” McMahon said.

According to a survey by AT&T, 97 percent of people say it’s dangerous to text and drive. But 70 percent of those people surveyed admit to texting and driving.