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(WSOC) — Many state employees and teachers will have to pay more for health insurance in a few months — in some cases, 200 percent more.

Technically, the State Health Plan was decided months ago. This past spring, the North Carolina treasurer recommended the changes to the State Health Plan Board of Trustees. The North Carolina Association of Educators spoke out “adamantly” against the proposal, but the Board still approved it.

But now, members are starting open enrollment and seeing the dollars and cents in black and white.

Howard Joiner is a math teacher. He says he and his teacher friends had no idea about changes to the plan until now.

“Every teacher I talked to was not aware of it,” he said.

Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke went through the plan. Co-pays, deductibles, and family plans are all the same (with one minor exception).

But the biggest difference is for individuals. There are now two plans instead of three. In the first, the 70/30 plan, employees who don’t smoke go from paying no premium to $25 per month. In the second, the 80/20, plan, employees who don’t smoke go from $15 per month to $50.

Joiner is on the 80/20 plan. When he saw his premium was going up from $15 to $50 — 233 percent — he thought there was a mistake.

“I’m like, that can’t be right, I’m thinking that can’t be right,” he said. “Imagine if your car insurance went up 233 percent. Anything else goes up 233 [percent], I mean that, to me, is just mind-boggling.”


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  • Leneta Alice Burchfield

    I pay $1,125.00 a month for my daughter and I. I have a $14,000 deductible I have to meet before it will pay one dime!! Oh yeah, I feel real sorry for these people. Real sorry.

  • Give me a Frigging break… 15 bucks to 50 bucks? Way OVER SENSATIONALIZING NOT A DAMN THING… as though a difference of 35 bucks is going to break anyone… Let them take on ACA increases Where it’s hundreds of dollars a month of not over a thousand a month for families and then I’ll hear you crybabies whine legitimately…

  • Bryan Leonard

    Looks like the ACA is still working just as it was designed to.

    • Gail Craddock

      This is the state employee health plan. Not the ACA.

      • Bryan Leonard

        Yes i realize it’s the State Employee health plan but it still has to comply to the ACA regulations

      • guest45

        yeah now the state employees are going to get to feel a little of our pain with the ACA, education time, I for one would like to see everyone on the same plan so we would all feel like are contributing equally.

  • disqus_jl5BL483UH

    this kills me…. we pay almost $200 a week for insurance plus a $40 co-pay to reg dr, $50 to specialist, $100 to urgent care and $400 if er is needed…. i would give anything to pay $50 a month….

  • guest45

    teachers should have to go in the pool like the rest of us and get a taste of what the real world and $1000/1200 a month health premiums are like for the individual in the private sector

    • Christopher Meyers

      I know several teachers very well and the fact is, they flat out could not afford that. Teachers put up with a lot and spend a lot of their own money for classroom materials the school won’t supply. They spend a lot of their own time preparing lesson plans, tutoring and planning activities for their classes. I know what teachers do, I praise and fully support them.
      I also know what the Congress of the United States does. NOTHING!!! Those are the ones that should be put out on the private sector insurance with NO subsidies to pay for it. They’re all wealthy anyway, so why not? Like everything else, that proposal was “mentioned”, but it went nowhere.

      • guest45

        well Chris, if they were forced into the pool with the rest of us poor people then they will pay more attention who they vote for, and they will realize that elections have consequences, and voting liberal and RINO hurts everybody.

        I know a lot of people that can not afford the price of health care now that the ACA is in full swing, I don’t hear the teachers worried about them. It hurts, we should all share the pain, or be part of the solution.

        And yes, congress and senate should have to live under our healthcare and social security.

      • Christopher Meyers

        Points well made. Institution of the ACA completely changed my corporate insurance and essentially took $5000.00 a year out of my pocket. A 200% increase to $50.00 a month is still 1/3 of what I pay for my corporate premium coverage, not including co-pays, deductibles, etc,
        The American people have been completely screwed to the wall with this ACA fiasco. To add insult to injury, our bumbling republicans lied about repeal for 7 years and have totally failed all efforts to fix this crap. I suppose when “engineered failure” is implemented, it must be completed.

      • guest45

        yep, the RINO’S have shown their true color, and come election time I hope everyone will not forget who the incumbents are and who needs to GO!

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