New planning director wants to help development


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover county has gone through development for the past few years and continues to change. Now, a new planning director has stepped up to the plate to help the county.

Wayne Clark is no stranger to the area. He lived in Wilmington years ago before moving to Florida. He’s now back in the Cape Fear and will help with development plans throughout the county. He says one focus he has is doing something about the build up of traffic throughout the area.

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“Traffic is still a major challenge in this area and it does requires us working with other organizations because the county does not control and of the roadways. But it looks like the partnerships are strong, the people are still there that I have worked with in the past and it looks like that’ll be one of the major focuses. It’s trying to find ways to make the traffic patterns more effective,” Clark said.

Clark says he is currently catching himself up to speed on different development plans currently in the works, like Project Grace.