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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is calling for expanding background checks for prospective gun buyers in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

During a Council of State meeting in Raleigh Tuesday, the governor expressed condolences to the victims, even ending the meeting on a solemn note in their honor.

“I think that we should adjourn this meeting in memory with thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families,” he said.

His comments come after he requested that flags across the state stay at half-staff for the rest of the week.

The governor is also calling for changes when it comes to gun laws.

“Horrific, senseless tragedy in Las Vegas,” he said. “People are very frustrated with gun violence and we have to do what we can to stop it. I think it’s pretty clear that we need some policy changes.”

Exactly what does Cooper think those policy changes should be?

“I think expanded background checks may or may not have helped in this situation, but we do need to do that,” he said. “We need better health care coverage, making sure that mental health is emphasized because a lot of these shootings occur, people have mental illness or they give some signs.”

“We need to encourage people to report when they believe somebody may do something,” Cooper added.

The governor said he believes these changes can be made while still protecting people’s rights under the 2nd Amendment. He’s also urging Congress to talk about the issue openly.

“We need to protect people’s rights under the 2nd Amendment, but there are policy changes that can be made that can reduce gun violence and we need to do that,” Cooper said. “We’ve got to thank the first responders as well and I think we’ve got to tackle this problem of gun violence. We have to work to try to solve it. We have to work to reduce this kind of violence in the future.”


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  • Spaghetti Monster

    Governor Cooper is not talking about “banning guns” like some here insist on suggesting. He is merely proposing that we do a better job of screening so that we can prevent people who are mentally incompetent or violent, from legally getting their hands on deadly weapons. His recommendation for more careful screening clearly shows that he is concerned about the health of the people of North Carolina. I applaud his efforts. Thank you Governor Cooper!

  • s k alexander

    Cooper needs to worry about north Carolina and our peoples health. Adding more hoops to jump through to buy a firearm is asinine. The federal government is in charge of background checks. Not the states.

  • Enola Gay

    Back ground check the governor.

    • guest45

      yes, and make the results public record.

  • Floyd Knowles

    Remember, this person had all he money, he needed to get mental health treatment.
    I think instead of banning guns you should ban violent video games, that our young children and adults play, where murder and theft of cars guns are the action and the only propose is to kill as many people in the game as possible. This is a real problem people can be brain washed.

    • Tim


  • Mike Kszaszcz

    And also lets remember chicoge sees 60 or so murders every month, yet no outrage, no blaming guns, no blaming people, cone on we’re smarter than that

  • Mike Kszaszcz

    Go ahead and ban slide fire stocks
    Im fine with that.

  • Mike Kszaszcz

    Too bad background checks can’t find crazy, untill crazy rears it ugly head them it’s too late. How aboit the fact this guy was on anti anxiety pills, that alone should disqualify a gun purchase. No enhanced background check would have stopped this. Evil is in a person’s heart and there’s nothing you can do about to but figure out why they snapped. This guy obviously planned and picked his target for a reason.

  • guest45

    Hey Cooper, as usual you are so called chasing the ambulance and yakking trying to make yourself feel good, we already have federal background checks in place, I doubt you realize this, and the mental illness thing is a dead issue, you lib’s want step up to the plate and do the right thing and incarcerate these people, for fear of losing a vote! Liberals are like dogs chasing their tails, you just go in circles!

    Truth in point is all the people on death row, they have committed horrendous crimes and inflicted an untold amount of pain to the victims and their family’s, but you liberals will not put them to death, the needle cause’s them to much discomfort, yaw constantly put dangerous felons on the streets to feed off us innocent people.

    I have a different approach for you liberals, my money says that if concealed carry was permitted across the country there were 10 people in that hotel that had they not been subjected to DHS and the TSA would have had their handguns in their travel bags! My money says that when those shots rang out there would have been dozens of people arming themselves and investigating. They would have been knocking on that door! That would have disrupted the shooter in his first 5 minutes of firing, maybe not stopping him, but disrupting him and saving 50 lives and 100’s on injury’s, and glot the police to that door sooner, so I say the liberals played into this, preventing a faster response. Remember, when seconds count, cops are only minutes away!!!!

    • Guest28451

      “Enhanced background checks”, whatever that means, would have made no difference in this maniac’s case. He had no history, so would have passed anything they come up with. With the money he had, it’s likely that he could have even paid his way to a New York City permit if he wanted one.
      On the reciprocity issue: I really would like that. It would gain me 12 states, Nevada currently accepts CCW permits from most states, NC included. I have travelled there, and did carry my weapon while there. BTW, I shot at the really nice Clark County outdoor range.

  • Christopher Meyers

    Okay Ray, again you’re a day late and a dollar short as always. The president of the United States has already asked that flags be lowered to half staff over a day ago, we don’t need you request for that as we already know what “respect” is and how to show it.
    What sort of “expanded background checks” would you like to see? The FBI very thoroughly did my background check and it also included a “history of mental illness” search as is standard. Our current system is sufficient, get yourself educated about it before proposing more useless red tape that accomplishes nothing but pulling money out of peoples pockets.
    Ray, if you want to REALLY do something about “gun related violence”, make some serious heave-ho’s to keep violent felons in prison instead of turning them back out into society only to repeat what they’ve already done many times. The vast majority of gun related crimes are from repeat, violent felons that rape, rob and murder at their drug induced whim, laugh at the court system and make jokes about the judges and DA’s and how clueless they are to reality.
    I would LOVE to see a serious “3 strikes” law that keeps repeat offenders in prison for the remainder of their lives! The judicial system is a complete, moronic joke and is fully attributable to over 90% of gun related violence.
    I’m sure I’ll hear nothing but crickets from you over this!

    • cheese101

      I enjoy the liberal argument of “America, the home of the free has more people in jail than multiple other countries combined.” True statement as those other countries will execute their criminals instead of locking them up. I’m all in favor of a prison island where people convicted of their 3rd violent crime are placed and forced to live in a society they crave with no rules, no guards, no medical, nothing but a wall to keep them contained. Once inside feel free to rape, rob, kill, pillage all you wish and leave normal society out of it.

    • Shamma Lammadingdong

      “Okay Ray…” Who is Ray?

      • guest45

        that is the one you voted for governor, another reason they need to clamp down on who votes, and Ray is a just poking fun at at your liberal governor, or should we say “MR GOVERNOR TAX AND SPEND”, spend, spend, and spend some more Cooper.

      • Christopher Meyers

        Gee Shamma, you’re not much up on the news are ya? Don’t you remember when Hitlery Clinton was campaigning? I guess not Shamma, so here you go, get a pencil. On November 3rd, 2016, during the final days of her lying, Hitlery Clinton campaigned in NC and asked her “followers” in her usual raspy, teeth grinding voice, “…are you ready to elect Ray Cooper your Governor?!”
        So, “Ray” it is Shamma. Ray Cooper the sooper scooper that can’t accomplish anything as governor, so he makes silly, benign statements to maker it “appear” appear he’s doing something. Smoke and mirrors just don’t work well for Ray…

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