Vertex announces layoffs


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Vertex announced today it is temporarily reducing a small portion of its staff.

According to a news release, this is happening to allow the company to complete several immediate short run projects and to allow time needed for the overall final upfit of their 500,000 square-feet facility so Vertex can ramp into several larger, longer term orders that have recently been placed with the company.

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CEO Donald Croteau said in a statement, ‚ÄúSome business decisions are difficult to make but they must be made none the less. We truly value our teammates and genuinely appreciate the impact that this announcement may have on the small portion of them that are affected. Vertex would like to stress that this reduction is temporary in nature. In fact, most of the small percentage of people impacted already have the return date for them to come back to work. We look forward to seeing them and will strive to further reduce the time away as much as possible,” it reads.

In January, Vertex Railcar Corporation announced it was increasing its workforce by 25 percent with new employees assisting in car production.