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  • Dan Gallagher

    This is a horrific crime, who cares where the kid is from?

  • guest45

    this is wrong in so many ways, we the taxpayer should not have to foot his bill, he can’t be turned loose on society again so he needs to be put to death, Period!

    another case of what illegals are really costing us here, secure those borders and get rid of these illegals.

    • Christopher Meyers

      He’s a citizen of Honduras, illegally in the US. Send him home. Either they will pay to deal with his psychosis or he’ll behead fellow Hondurans.This expense OR the extreme danger of his freedom doesn’t need to fall on the back of US taxpayers.

  • Bryan Leonard

    Some people are a lost cause, why waste time and money with someone obviously that psychotic to do something so disgusting. Process him, trial him, and sentence to death, unfortunately there is no help for someone that disturbed. This is just a rabid dog bound to attack again.

  • Christopher Meyers

    As Trump stated, “They aren’t sending their best and brightest here.” So, now the US taxpayers have to financially support this psychopath for the remainder of his life in a mental institution, because he’s a psychopath? Why not let Honduras deal with it?

    • Trump forgot to tell his buddies — Obama deported 3 million people and beefed up border patrols. Well, actually Trump DID say something quickly in one of the debates, that Obama deported more than anyone else.

      But as long as people get part of the story, and that part told by lunatics and pathological liars, anything can happen. As Voltaire said (I doubt 5 Trump supporters in NC know who Voltaire is) “If they can make you believe absurdities, they can make you commit atrocities.”

      The last thing the US needs is lies by hate mongers now. It’s really important — who could have guessed — to get the truth.

      • Christopher Meyers

        “…Obama deported 3 million…” Really? Do you actually believe that? If he deported 3 million, he allowed another 7 million to come in. Obama “beefed up border patrols”? Is that what “Fast and Furious ” was all about? Obama didn’t have a clue as to how to control illegal entry. He wasn’t motivated to do anything about even if he did know.
        By the way, this article is about a person illegally in this country that cut his mothers head off and walked around displaying it. It further reflects that US taxpayers will be financially responsible for his lifetime stay in a US mental institution. It isn’t about some outdated Frenchman from the 1600’s. Perhaps you can find some quote from Voltaire about decapitation of parents….geeeeeez…
        Perhaps I’m one of the 5 Trump supporters you’re so arrogantly (and ignorantly) referring to.

      • Shamma Lammadingdong

        He believes it because it came from Trump’s own mouth…”President Obama has moved millions of people out. Nobody knows about it, nobody talks about it. But under Obama, millions of people have been moved out of this country. They’ve been deported.” It’s pretty clear to an educated person (and even Trump) that Obama did have a clue when it came to deportation…

      • Christopher Meyers

        We all still have the freedom to “believe” what we want, be it fact OR fiction, right Shamma?

      • guest45

        are you on something? obama deported? really? wait until it touch’s one of your family members and your tune will change!

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