FL: Two moms overdose with babies in the back seat


BOYNTON BEACH, FL — Police have now released the 911 calls from the arrests of two mothers accused of overdosing with their infants in the back seat of their vehicle.

“I think my friend just had a seizure, she’s like out,” said one woman starting off the telephone conversation with dispatchers. Within minutes of the phone call, her voice trailed off and there were muffled sounds that could be crying in the background.

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A male voice appears several minutes into the conversation, “Okay well she’s unconscious right now, she doesn’t respond but she is still breathing,” said a good samaritan who walked up and picked up the phone.

“Alright, just stay on the phone,” the dispatcher responded. The man stayed on the scene until paramedics and police arrived. Officers said they found the woman who made the call convulsing and also in immediate need of medical attention.

Police said Kristen O’Conner and June Schweinhart met in a drug treatment program and bonded over their pregnancies. Investigators said they both relapsed and overdosed after taking heroin. Their children, a one-month-old and two-month-old, were taken away from them.