‘Patently false’, controversial campaign flier called out by county government, candidate reacts


LELAND, NC (WWAY) – H2GO board commissioners met to hear updates on the reverse osmosis plant.

The reverse osmosis plant is the commission’s more than twenty five million dollar endeavor to break off of using water from the Brunswick Public Utility and another party.
The commission heard tonight from their executive director about the site which will be along highway 17 near Leland.

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“We have some contracts that are under construction.,” said executive director Bob Walker. “We have a well construction that wells are being installed. We’ve installed two of the wells so far. We were hoping to get six hundred gallons out of each one of those wells, they actually tested out seven hundred gallons a minute.”

It’s that same plant project that’s led to a heated political cycle for two incumbent candidates who support it. A campaign flier for the three pro reverse osmosis H2GO candidates is being called misleading, not by their challengers, but by the local government.

The campaign flier for H2GO candidates Carl Antos, Ron Jenkins and Rodney McCoy is being called patently false.

“Quite frankly I think whoever is telling you this,” said commissioner Carl Antos, “I think they are lying.”

McCoy created the fliers and they show list of man made contaminants and claim they are not in the aquifers the utility plans to use for its new
plant. The Brunswick County Government posted to social media saying the flier was false. The county says the list of
contaminants on the flier are in aquifers around the county.

To be clear, the contaminants have been found in county aquifers and rivers. A H2GO spokesman says though not in the new aquifers they are testing.

“Our aquifers are a lot further underground, separated by much more layers and sand, and dirt, and clay,” says utility spokesperson Tyler Whittkofsky. “The ones that they are referring to, they’re right the different layers of aquifers do have contaminants but once you get so far down it’s impossible for those man made chemicals that are referred to leech into our deep well aquifers.”

The county cites the analysis engineers made testing H2GO’S two deep aquifers. They say some of contaminants are found in the analysis. Findings did show small traces of two contaminants flouride and nitrate in the aquifer. Those contaminants are listed on the flier as being not in the aquifer.

“There is nothing that can be found in the deep aquifer other than brine,” said Antos.

McCoy says he gathered the list of contaminants from on on the Environmental Working Group webpage. He was not knowledgeable of the full findings from the EPA analysis.

Here is the flier below found by county government leaders.


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