Street Safe teaches drivers important lessons


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Street safe is a program designed to reach out and teach inexperienced drivers.

This program gave those attending a chance to learn new driving lessons with a hands-on approach.

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There was a classroom portion, along with a chance to get behind the wheel of a car to show different examples of road dangers.

Students did different challenge courses with an instructor to see what it would be like to be distracted or lose control of a car.

One of the students said he was glad he went because it opened his eyes to the possible dangers behind the wheel.

“I think this should be involved in drivers ed now because they teach you a lot more things. I just found out they don’t even teach parallel parking here, which is insane especially if you live in Wilmington. Downtown you got to parallel park, so I think this should be a part of drivers ed for all high school students learning,” student Anthony Gomez said.

This program is statewide and is ran by police, fireman and first responders.