Paper towel noose found in North Carolina high school bathroom

Noose discovered in high school bathroom
Noose discovered in bathroom Davie County High School.

Mocksville, NC (WFMY) — Davie County Schools’ leaders confirmed Tuesday a noose was found by a student Monday in a bathroom at Davie County High. The school said they’ve identified the source and disciplinary action was taken as a result. The noose, which was made of paper towels, had been removed prior to school leaders or teachers being notified about it.

School administrators are meeting with students today to address the issue.

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“Symbols of hatred and violence have no place in our schools and we will continue to work diligently to address such divisive issues when they arise. We take such incidents seriously and are making this a teachable moment.  The school administrative team is meeting with the student body today to reiterate our expectations of keeping Davie County High School a safe and welcoming school.  Our high school is a reflection of every corner of our community.  We must instill in our students a respect for the diversity in our community and in our school.  We ask adults in our community, community leaders, and our friends in local churches to model and partner with us to teach our students responsibility, respect for others, and peace in the midst of a world and a national stage that seems to divide us.”- Davie County Schools

Monday, Davie County Schools released the following statement about the incident:

A picture of a hate symbol in a restroom at Davie County High School is circulating on social media. The school administration was made aware of this picture earlier today and are working with law enforcement to investigate. The principal addressed the student body about this matter this afternoon. Symbols of hatred and violence have no place in our schools and we will continue to work diligently to find and address the source. Anyone with information that would lead us to the source of this hate symbol should contact the principal immediately.