Humpday Health: Protecting your child’s teeth this Halloween


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Kids are gearing up for the sugar rush that is Halloween next week. So what can you do to protect your children’s teeth during the sweet holiday?

“If you’re constantly bathing your teeth in that sugar, that’s when the carious process or the cavity process really gets going,” said Wilmington dentist Dr. Yates Williams DDS.

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Candy, candy, candy. The only word going through many children’s minds on Halloween.

Retailers predicted Americans would spend $2.7 billion on candy this Halloween.

So the question parents may have: how are the treats going to affect my child’s teeth?

Well, it’s not the act of eating candy on the holiday that is bad for your kid. It’s the habits that can form in the weeks after.

“That Halloween candy that a child eats, initially, the impact on the teeth is going to be negligible. However, if that same child were to take some of that Halloween candy and spread it out over the next two weeks and constantly be snacking on it, that’s gonna have a larger impact than just that one night,” said Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams says we should just let kids be kids on All Hallows Eve, but there are ways to protect their teeth after they come home from trick-or-treating.

“If you want to minimize Halloween, the impact the candy has on the teeth, what you can do is perhaps tie it into mealtime. Have your child eat a dinner, maybe they can have their Halloween candy immediately after. Then of course, we want the child brushing twice a day, flossing at least once a day,” said Dr. Williams.

Instilling these healthy habits in your kids could save their teeth in the long run.