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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — After years of back and forth, CFCC and former president Dr. Ted Spring have finally reached a resolution in regards to allegations toward improper travel reimbursements paid to Spring.

CCFC’s Board of Trustees announced the case will be dismissed, and the college will pay Spring approximately the amount of the severance offered to him at the time of his resignation. The insurance carrier for the college also is making a monetary payment to Spring for his losses and his costs in pursuing the case.

On January 22, 2015, former Cape Fear Community College President Dr. Ted Spring, resigned by submitting a written letter of resignation. The Board of Trustees of Cape Fear Community College accepted Spring’s resignation, believing that the resignation was given with full intent and understanding.

On March 27, 2015, Dr. Spring filed a lawsuit against Cape Fear Community College and its Trustees. Among other things, Spring contended that he was forced to resign, which the college denied. Dr. Spring contended that this forced resignation precluded him from receiving benefits under his employment agreement, which the college denied. Dr. Spring asked to be reinstated as President, and he included the volunteer Trustees in the lawsuit in an effort to force them to reinstate him.

The case continued to drag on for several years, the insurance carrier for the college retained Charlotte counsel for the college and took a more active role. According to a press release, the Trustees looked at the mounting costs to the college—in out-of pocket expenses, in negative attention away from the mission of the college, and in personnel time for employees to testify away from the college—and it became apparent that a settlement should be pursued.

“Sometimes finding a resolution is the best course action, even when you believe strongly in your position,” said Mat White, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “With a settlement, the college can move forward without the cloud of this past history with Spring overshadowing it. We believe that the financial investment by Spring in this case was substantial, and all parties desired to seek closure.”

Read more about the case.

It was also announced Thursday that CFCC President Dr. Amanda Lee has resign after less than three years.


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