H2GO water results reveal high levels of compound ‘carcinogenic to humans’


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A 24-hour sample of the water supplied by Brunswick County showed levels of 1,4-dioxane at more than 10 times the EPA established health advisory, H2GO announced.

According to a news release, water collected on October 18 showed 1,4-dioxane at 3.91 parts per billion. The EPA has characterized 1,4-dioxane as “likely carcinogenic to humans” and has established health advisory level at .35 parts per billion.

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H2GO received additional perfluorinated compound results of finished water treated and supplied by Brunswick County.  Samples taken on October 18 revealed GenX levels at 59.7 parts per trillion and a total toxic mixture of perfluorinated compounds at 618.05 parts per trillion. That includes an unknown compound, PFMOBA, at levels of over 270 parts per trillion.

NC Health and Human Services has established the health goal for exposure to GenX in drinking water at 140 ppt.  EPA has yet to establish a health advisory for combined toxic concentrations.

Brunswick County says the full results were not shared with them by H2Go prior to being released to the public. The county will request those results so they can investigate further.

In an email, Brunswick County PIO Amanda Hutcheson wrote “we take the results of all tests seriously and will work rapidly with our partners at the State to determine appropriate action. One isolated result, with very little context provided, warrants further investigation before arriving at any conclusions.”