Whiteville man seeks justice after alleged police assault


WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A month after a grand jury indicted a Whiteville police officer, his alleged victim is speaking out.

“We just have to wait for the outcome and see what goes on, ya know. We’re dealing with the town of Whiteville ya know and a lot goes on here that they shove under the rug, so we just have to wait and see what happens,” alleged assault victim Juwarn Britt said.

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Britt said he is still waiting for justice.

Britt also said it was almost two years ago when Whiteville Police Sergeant Aaron Herring arrested him and then assaulted him.

“Aaron Herring was a man that beat me up while I was in the back seat in handcuffs and a seat belt and he told me it couldn’t be stopped. So we’re here to see if we can stop him,” Britt said.

A grand jury indicted Herring on obstruction, failure to discharge the duties of a police officer and simple assault charges.

“I’ve been traumatize for a long while because this man told me it couldn’t be stopped. This man said no justice will be served, so we’re here to see the justice get served with the right help. That’s all we have,”Britt said.

Britt along with family and a national civil rights activist announced they have hired an attorney.

“We’ve been fighting since 2015 and we basically just want to see justice,” Britt’s sister Sherese Barfield said.

Whiteville Police said Herring is still on paid leave, but would not comment on the rally.

“Diversities still have some issues in this particular county and it needs to be broken,” National Civil Rights Activist John Barnett said.

Herring will appear in court later this month.

Britt’s family is planning another justice rally soon.

WWAY left a message with the District Attorney’s office, but have not heard back.