A history lesson and explosive fun at Great Pumpkin Blowout

A visitor to Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site blows up a pumpkin (Photo: Justin McKee/WWAY)

WINNABOW, NC (WWAY) — Halloween has come and gone and a few people in our area decided to have a little explosive fun with their decaying Jack-O-Lanterns yesterday.

It was all part of the Great Pumpkin Blowout at Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site.

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Visitors were encouraged to bring their own pumpkin and, for a $10 fee, blow it up with Civil War-era torpedoes.

The site manager at Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson, Jim McKee, says it’s an easy and fun way to teach young and old about a little piece of history.

“It’s a great educational tool, makes people aware of something that most people don’t realize. When I ask adults, children, everybody, ‘when you see wires, what do you see? What do you think?’ They say, ‘well, electricity.’ I say, ‘did they have electricity back then?’ ‘No.’ ‘They must’ve if they had the wires,'” said McKee.

This is the second year that Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson has held this event.

All the money raised goes into funding the historic site’s educational programming.