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HERNDON, VA (AP) — A woman has gotten the boot after flipping the bird at President Donald Trump’s motorcade.

The Washington Post reports Juli Briskman was on her bicycle last month when Trump’s motorcade drove by her on a northern Virginia road. A photo that quickly went viral shows her raising the middle finger of her left hand in defiance.

Briskman’s face is not visible in the photo, but the Post quoted her as saying she told her bosses at Herndon, Virginia-based Akima LLC it was her.

Briskman says she was promptly fired from the government contracting firm and escorted out for violating the “code of conduct policy.” The newspaper said Akima officials didn’t return requests for comment.

Briskman says she’s contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. She says she’d do what she did again.


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  • Christopher Meyers

    And that folks, is the way it is supposed to be done! She has the right to “gesture” how she pleases and her company has the right to decide if she fits in with them or not. A great decision on their part! I’m surprised the Secret Service didn’t take serious action with her coming that close to the motorcade without permission!

  • lagartha

    price you pay for being an idiot, loser

  • May Hemm

    When everyone FINALLY finds out how many children that were trafficked through TRUMP MODELING MANAGEMENT..then perhaps they’ll see why SHE IS RIGHT!

    • Evelyn Turno

      Grow up

      • May Hemm

        stop covering for rapists

  • James Davis

    Got what she deserved

    • May Hemm

      yet you seem to be cool with firefighters running over BLM protesters. you show your racism very clearly.

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