‘It’s time to have accountability there’: New Hanover Co. Commissioners adopt opioid resolution


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The opioid crisis is a problem that is not only sweeping the nation, but the Cape Fear region as well. That is why New Hanover County Commissioners approved their end of a joint effort with the City of Wilmington in the fight against the epidemic Monday night.

The Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to adopt the resolution that will target manufactures and distributors of opioids.

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Last week the county and City of Wilmington announced a partnership to battle the crisis. While the city still has to vote, the county is preparing to sue those who have contributed to the growing epidemic.

In doing so, the county is seeking money to support the costs of battling the crisis and help those in need receive treatment. It is a move commissioners across the board agree with.

“We’re glad to pass the resolution tonight because, quite frankly, Wilmington, New Hanover County, has been identified as ground zero. And we’re not going to stand for it. And so this resolution, hopefully in joint with the city, hopefully they’ll join us, we’re going to actually pursue legal action against the manufactures and distributors to recover some of the cost in the community,” New Hanover County Vice-Chairman, Skip Watkins said.

“You’ve got so many pills that are going out with no accountability,” New Hanover County Commissioner, Jonathan Barfield said. “It’s time to have accountability there. And I think that’s the aim of this lawsuit to bring in to accountability.”

Right now there is no set date for when commissioners will begin filing lawsuits but they say they hope it will be as soon as possible.