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American Flag (Source: Pixaby/MGN)

SACRAMENTO, CA (WCMH) — The California NAACP says the “Star Spangled Banner” should be replaced as the National Anthem because it’s racist.

The group’s president, Alice Huffman, told KOVR, that she analyzed the song after ongoing NFL protests.

She says there’s a verse in the song, that isn’t normally sung at events, that references slaves.

The lyric goes: “No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”

Huffman tells KOVR, the verse celebrates the death of slaves who fought for freedom. “It’s racist. It doesn’t represent our community. It’s anti-black people.”

Huffman says the National Anthem should be replaced by a song that supports the country’s values.


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  • guest87

    According to the historian Robin Blackburn, the words “the hireling and slave” allude to the fact that the British attackers had many ex-slaves in their ranks, who had been promised liberty and demanded to be placed in the battle line “where they might expect to meet their former masters”

    Hireling specifically refers to mercenaries who were mostly Hessian, from the eponymous state of Hessen in southwest Germany.

    • mike gerics

      dang….awesome research 87. thanks.

  • guest45

    I think it’s time we draw the line, if you don’t love this country, LEAVE IT!

  • IUsedToBeCalledModerate

    Ms. Huffman’s “analysis” didn’t discover anything new. This verse has been publicized many, many times both recently and going back beyond the Civil Rights Era. Ms. Huffman likely already knew this before her analysis. Ms. Huffman should also know that racially equality is incremental and requires constant dialogue between all parties. Her statements here do not appear to be an effort to reach out across the racial divide but rather intended to fire up her base. Strategically speaking, I find her comment to be counterproductive to fixing our racial issues – she is not trying to speak to those with whom she has differences but instead is trying to drive an additional wedge into any productive dialogue

  • Bryan Leonard

    If she wants to just be pro-black, perhaps she should relocate to South Africa, that sounds right up her alley. Until she’s ready to become pro-america and all individuals, then we can start paying attention to her.

  • cheese101

    What a special group. I think we should also change the name of the country to The United States of I’m always offended and need a safe space America.

  • John Van Houten

    Is nothing sacred any more? Keep the anthem, lose the NAACP.

    • Christopher Meyers

      The NAACP is a destructive, counter-productive force to the black race and the blacks can’t even see it. They systematically set back race relations every time they step up to announce horse sludge like this!

  • guest45

    we once had our school song and flag taken from us, now looks like it is dejavue all over again, will this nonsense ever end?

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