NHHS students learn about the dangers of distracted driving


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover High School students received an important message Monday morning.

It was about the dangers of distracted driving as they grow old enough to get behind the wheel of a car.

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Jacy Good almost died nine years ago when a distracted teen driver ran a red light and caused an accident. She lost both of her parents that day.

Now, Good and her husband, Steve, travel the country to share her story and try to convince young people to put the phone down while driving.

“I think the biggest message is there’s nothing on our phone more important than a human life and I think everyone knows that in their brain, but we actually gotta live it. We have to carry it out on the roads,” said Good.

District attorney Ben David was also on hand Monday at NHHS to show support for Good’s mission.

Estimates say people using their phones while driving cause half a million injuries in the United States each year.

Good says educating people early as they learn to drive can help curb phone use in the car.

“I think it’s easier to set a good habit, than to have a bad habit and try and break it. I think getting to speak to younger people, maybe they haven’t been driving as long, maybe it’s a little bit easier for them to set the right habits,” said Good.

NHHS’s principal, Rob Morgan, thinks that Good’s message will make its mark.

“Having some of these students hear this story for the very first time, I think they did a really good job, frankly, of paying attention. There were definitely some emotional responses as pictures came up, when they were showing different phases of their life, and so I think it was positive,” said Morgan.

Good and her husband spoke at Laney High School Monday afternoon and they have plans to share their message at Ashley High School and Hoggard High School on Tuesday.