EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Surprise Serenader


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We first crossed paths with our Extraordinary Person of the Week last year when a viewer sent us video of someone randomly singing patriotic songs in a Wilmington Walmart.
WWAY’s Daniel Seamans caught back up with the voice of an Angel at a local restaurant where he’s been known to serenade the crowd.

“You deserve every moment of recognition you get,” a Golden Corral employee said to Raymond Greene as Daniel Seamans brought in the camera.

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Raymond immediately lit up the room with his voice in a surprise serenade,”What a day it has been. What a rare mood I’m in. It’s almost like being in love.”

There’s no mistaking that deep, heavenly voice of Raymond Greene. “I started that gift and didn’t recognize who gave me that Gift,” he said of the early years. “I was just singing and having a good time. Hip hop, bee bop, and whatever you wanna say. I love it I love it I sing because I’m happy because I know where my joy comes from.”

That joy comes from his deep faith that he says helped conquer his fear.

“So now,” Raymond said, “I examine myself, I say God, what would you have me do. He says use the gift that I gave you.”

The gift was there in high school. He also sang in a college choir. Now he goes solo, singing at nursing homes, businesses, and special events. He says he prays before he sings to help settle any nervousness he might have before performing.

“I have more faith and confidence now at 83 years old. I’m 83 years old,” he said.
“You mean 83 years young,” Daniel replied. “83 years young, I like that even better,” Raymond laughed.

Raymond’s wish for the community? “What the world needs now is love sweet love.” he said. “So this Christmas and Thanksgiving, we should light a candle of love. Spiritual love that is, because there is no greater love than having the love of God.”

Raymond Greene, you are bringing that love, sweet love, and that’s what makes you Extraordinary!

Raymond bounced around country before settling down in Wilmington. He taught school and worked closely with kids who have special needs. Nowadays, you never know where he’ll pop up next singing songs of joy.