NC woman thinks she narrowly escaped being setup for a crime

Gaston County road (Photo: Alex Giles/WBTV)

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) – Stanley resident Sydney Morris thinks someone tried to set her up for a crime as she was headed home from work Tuesday night.

The 19-year-old said she works in uptown Charlotte and often takes Mt. Holly Road for part of the return trip to her home in Stanley.

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She said Tuesday evening she came across an unexpected roadblock shortly before 11 p.m. Morris said a large tree branch was blocking the entirety of the street near Valleydale Road.

“It was a log going straight across and it covered both lanes,” Morris said.

She said the log brought her car to a sudden stop. She said she called her mother to ask if she should get out of her car to move the log. During the conversation Morris said she noticed a man in a mask coming out of the woods.

“Some guy came out of the woods. He was in a baggie hoodie and he had a flesh-colored mask on,” Morris explained.

She said she started to feel uneasy about the situation, and then things started to get stranger.

“I about threw my car in reverse and I looked in my review mirror and there was a car so close to me that I could not see their headlights,” Morris said.

She said she didn’t have room to turn around. It was at that point that Morris and her mother started to suspect the young woman was being setup for a crime. Morris said the masked man hadn’t set foot in the road before another car pulled up on the other side of the branch. She said an older man got out of the vehicle and started to move the branch out of the road and then the masked man retreated back into the woods. She said she immediately took off.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” Morris said through teary eyes.

She posted about the incident on Facebook in hopes of warning others about the potentially dangerous situation. Her post has now been shared hundreds of times.

“They had bad plans. Something was supposed to happen that night, but it didn’t because God intervened,” Morris said.

A representative of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said that the agency didn’t appear to have any calls for service in the area where Morris said the incident happened.

Morris claims she did call police after fleeing the scene, but did not want to meet an officer to file a report. She said she continued driving straight home.

The 19-year-old said she would still file an official police report about the alleged incident if it will help prevent what she says happened to her from happening to anyone else.