Michael Jordan replaces family’s signed jersey stolen from home after fire

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan (Photo: D. Myles Cullen/Wikipedia/CC BY 2.0)

ROCK CREEK, W.I. — A Wisconsin family received a surprise from Charlotte Hornets’ owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan after one of his signed jerseys was stolen from their home when it burned down in October.

Officials with the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office said the family was forced out of their Rock Creek home on Oct. 11 when it caught fire.

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Authorities said a family member went to the house on Nov. 2, after the fire, and noticed two men behind it with a vehicle. The family member told officials that the men said they were looting the house, and then left with a garbage can full of items.

Authorities said they later arrested one of the men.

According to officials, a signed No. 45 Michael Jordan jersey was among the items taken by the men and is believed to have been sold.

The family said the item was particularly valuable to them because it was signed by Jordan through the Make-A-Wish Foundation for their 6-year-old daughter, who was suffering from a life-threatening illness.

The family’s daughter, Kelsey Schiel, who is now 28-years-old and has beaten the disease, told the Leader-Telegram in Wisconsin how much the jersey means to her.

“It’s devastating to know that someone stole such an important item,” Schiel said. “I really hope that whoever has it realizes its importance and turns it in. We won’t ask questions; it’s just really special to me.”

According to the Leader-Telegram, Jordan heard about the robbery and is having the jersey replaced.

“Michael was very sorry to hear about what happened to the Schiel family and was happy to send Kelsey a new signed jersey,” a representative for Jordan said.