WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The WWAY One-Day Blitz benefiting the Salvation Army was such a success it had the folks inside Krispy Kreme in overdrive trying to get the donuts out the door as soon as they are ordered.  WWAY’s Daniel Seamans found our Extraordinary Person of the Week inside making sure the sweet treats were delivered as fast as possible.

“Temptation?  I love the cake batter donut. It taste just like cake ice cream. It’s so good,” Markeyta Bostic told Daniel Seamans.

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It’s not easy working in such a sweet place. “And the glazed of course, when it’s hot it’s the best, melts in your mouth,” she continued.

Bbut Markeyta Bostic has “toughed” it out for five years now at the Krispy Kreme on South College Road in Wilmington.  “Awesome. It’s very awesome,” she said of her job.

And when that signature red sign turns on? “Everybody comes in, it’s like they play tag, tag you’re it, let’s go get donuts,” Markeyta laughed.

It’s a good thing this donut shop has one of the fastest donut box packers in the biz!  “I don’t know, I’ve always been a fast packer,” she said of her super fast talent. “I guess I don’t like seeing the long lines. Makes me want to move fast.”

How fast? “They’ve timed me before,” she explained. “I’ve packed a dozen donuts in seven seconds.”  Seven seconds. So why not put her on the spot and put her to the test while the camera was rolling.  “3, 2, 1, GO!” Markeyta packed a dozen in an easy 8 seconds. But truth be told, the time was probably a little faster as Daniel’s fingers on the stopwatch weren’t as quick as Markeyta’s fingers on the donuts.

Markeyta Bostic, and everyone who helped make the WWAY One-Day Blitz to benefit the Salvation Army another record breaker for the 3rd straight year, you are EXTRAORDINARY!

By the way, in 2016 we set a record by collecting more than 25,000 pounds of food and nearly $700 in cash.

That record no longer stands. Maj. Mark Craddock with The Salvation Army says the community came together and donated 33,100 pounds of food to restock shelves for 2017. That’s 16.55 tons of food and tens of thousands of donuts given out as a thank you!