New Hanover County Church helps Meals on Wheels make Turkey Day happen for hundreds


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) –  Hundreds of families in New Hanover County will be thankful for the people at Meals on Wheels and one local church.
That’s because they plan to ship out more than a thousand Thanksgiving day meals.

Starting this week the folks at Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church were short fifteen turkeys and double that in drivers to help with the deliveries. By Thanksgiving eve, the donations and volunteers came in, setting up for a special Thanksgiving day of giving.

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“Thanksgiving is just such an amazing time for family and connections and some people just don’t have the ability of funds to get that,” said David George who is volunteering.

So Myrtle Grove Presbyterian is giving central. Volunteers carve through more than eighty turkeys and package up gallons of gravy and cranberry sauce.

“It’s an amazing way to take the priority off of yourself and give back to the community,” said Jen George who is volunteering for a second year in a row.

The food will equal well over a thousand meals. They’ll get packaged up and will go to meals on wheels as well as all over New Hanover County. It’s more than just warm meals but warm hearts.

“To be able to pray with them to love on them, everything,” said volunteer Katie Hauser.

“It’s just being nice to one another which you know I think we can all use more of,” said church deacon and one of the lead organizers for the operation Jerry Cannon.

For more than thirty years the church has relied on its members and the community to step up to make this day of giving happen.

“Whether they baked a turkey, whether they came in and helped prep tonight, whether they’re going to assemble meals tomorrow or whether they are going to deliver,” Cannon said. “We will have had 289 people help in some way or fashion from as close as I can figure out, 14 different churches.”

Church members and delivery volunteers will line the parking lot Thanksgiving morning to load up and deliver the meals from Kure Beach to Rocky Point all across New Hanover County.