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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –  Whether they were all fueled up from turkey dinner or just that drive to catch a deal, shoppers hit the stores in force tonight in Wilmington.

Doors opened at the South College Road Best Buy with shoppers lined around the building. The store only allowed a certain amount in at a time so no mad dashes here to grab those deals on new TVs.

There were some big deals, several shoppers saved upwards to hundreds of dollars. On of them was Allison Wright. She waited for about six hours before getting her ticket to get a big screen. When her ticket rang up, she had saved $720.

“It’s all worth the wait,” Wright said.

A wait that for some people was an all day affair.

“I think the line started about 4:30 this morning,” said Daniel Douglas who was with his family at the front of the line.

Douglas and his family had a plan though. His mom had set up shop, waiting outside since Wednesday. He came and took over the graveyard shift, and then she rejoined him and his family later with food from the Thanksgiving meal. All of this scheming and prep to make sure that they did not miss out on the big deal.

“Me and her are getting a TV, she’s getting a TV, they’re getting a TV. Everybody else is getting, I don’t know,” Douglas laughed.

Everybody else is getting in at least some of that holiday shopping.

“I don’t want to give you my game plan,” laughed one shopper. “I don’t know you like that. I don’t want to see you at like Toys-R-Us.”

So most folks have other things on their list than just a big screen, but some scored major savings. Definitely the man who was first in line.

“It’s originally 499 and we got it for 179,” said Douglas who we caught back up with as he was checking out.

The day of giving wasn’t all wasted on waiting out on the deals though. Douglas still found a way to make it a little time for family.

“Well being here for over twenty four hours that gave me and her to stop life for a minute and be together one on one,” he said. “And whenever she got here it was all fun and we’re just keep having the fun.”


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