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Boat decorated for Flotilla Boat Parade (Photo: Jenna Kurzyna/WWAY)

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A holiday parade on water, The 34th Annual Flotilla Boat Parade weekend pulled up the drawbridge and in the crowds to watch the waterway sparkle with Christmas lights.

As the decorated and holiday themed boats made their way around the island people cheered.

Every year the flotilla draws thousands of people to Wrightsville Beach to see what kind of boats will enter the parade.

Maya Shaw and her family come from out of town every year and she said it is their after Thanksgiving tradition.

“I like that it’s just a community thing like everyone gets around to come in and see all these boats, and it’s cool because it brings everyone together,” Shaw said.

Shaw also said she hopes to carry on this tradition as she grows older.

The boats competed for best in show, people’s choice and many more awards.

After the boats made their way around the island there was an after show featuring fireworks.


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  • Ben Jackson

    The flotilla is no longer the great event it used to be! They Cannot get more than about 15 boats to join the parade due to the politics involved with the flotilla. The awards are given to the family, coworkers, flotilla board members, and friends of jimmy gilleece. The kickoff party they charge you $30 to fight for the few appetizers and be crammed into a way to small ballroom you can’t move in and is so hot you want to pass out. Someone please stand up and take over !!!!!! before its lost for good!

    • Christopher Meyers

      Simply stated, that’s just WB for you…and it isn’t going to change. I easily solved my problem with it by not patronizing WB. Too many other good places to spend my money where they appreciate it instead of expecting it.

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