FDA warns of commercial dog bone treats after 90 illnesses, 15 dog deaths

One of the graduates in UNCW/Paws4People Assistance Dog Training Program (Photo: Jenna Kurzyna/WWAY)

(WZTV) — The Food and Drug Administration is warning dog owners to think twice about stuffing your pet’s stocking with dog bones over the holidays.

The FDA says it received about 68 reports of pet illnesses related to “bone treats” frequently purchased at stores. These include treats described as ham bones, pork femur bones, rib bones, and smokey knuckle bones. The FDA did not list any specific brands of dog treats in its warning.

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In total, the FDA says there have been about 90 dogs involved in the reports, and 15 dogs reportedly died after eating a bone treat. Other complications include choking, digestive tract obstruction, cuts to the mouth, vomiting diarrhea, and bleeding from the rectum.

The FDA says owners should also avoid giving dogs chicken bones from the kitchen and be careful they can’t get to turkey or steak bones placed in the trash.