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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Authorities say a Louisiana mother threw her infant son at his father’s feet, fracturing the baby’s skull.

Nola.com/The Times-Picayune reports the infant’s father said he had been arguing with 24-year-old Heidy Rios, of Terrytown, when she threw the 3-week-old baby at his feet and uttered an expletive, telling him to “take” his son.

The father took the child to a New Orleans hospital on Thursday, and doctors determined the infant had fractured his right temporal bone. Authorities say the injuries aren’t life-threatening.

Rios initially told investigators she didn’t know how her son was hurt, but she later said she may have dropped the child during the dispute.

A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrest report says Rios was arrested Friday and charged with cruelty to a juvenile. It’s unclear if she has a lawyer.


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  • guest45

    let her serve her 20 years doing hard time, then deport her

    • mike gerics

      deport her?……to……Terrytown Louisiana?

  • Jeff Black

    Typical western women throwing a temper tantrum. Women are not equal to men by any stretch of the imagination. The family courts need to abolish child support and alimony. Women bring on 70% of all divorces in America. We need a law that requires all women to have a license to procreate. We have license for driving a car and for fishing making babies should be no exception.

    • Christopher Meyers

      What you need to do is move back to whatever “country” you came from, because you certainly aren’t American and haven’t even a clue about “western women”, “divorce rates”, “child support” or anything associated with any of them. Sharia Law doesn’t apply here. Neither do your “needs”. Kapeesh?

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