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Photo of Paitin Fields at the beach. (Photo: Family)

LUMBERTON, NC (WWAY) — A family of the Pender County child raped and murdered is still without answers in the disturbing death case.

We heard from the child’s father and family in a story you will only see on WWAY.

It has been almost three weeks since Paitin Fields died at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

“We can’t even sleep at night knowing that this is just revolving around like nobody cares,” Cassady Fields, Paitin’s cousin, said. “She is relying on us to have some kind of answers for her, we just need some kind of answers.”

(Photo: Family)

According to the incident report, her death came after allegedly being strangled and raped. Fields was living with her maternal grandmother at the time. Her father says the courts had her placed with the grandmother.

“If they don’t want to do it right then somebody else needs to take the case over and do it right,” father Robert Fields said.

Field was laid to rest over the weekend and now her father’s family wants to know why no person of interest has been named. They say the only thing they’ve heard lately is that the DNA results are still being processed.

“To sit there at your baby’s funeral that’s only five years old and didn’t do no wrong. She was always happy and good going and to see that done is hurtful,” Robert said.

WWAY reporter Andrew James reached out to the sheriff’s office as well as the district attorney, but neither had new information or was willing to comment on the case.

“Our family is not giving up, we need answers and we need some type of justice,” Cassady said.


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  • Wendi Cowan

    Why is this not national news like Mariah woods??

  • Viola Dudginski

    This beautiful little girl is in the arms of our MAKER – probably long before she was supposed to be – the person who is responsible for sending her to our MAKER is going to have to answer to HIM/HER for their crimes. However, they are at large and can strike again at any time – I am so sorry for this family having to go through this – I pray with all of my might that the police, the detectives, the lab technicians, the judges, the prosecutors, and everyone and anyone involved can help get this person who is hurting and murdering with intent and incarcerate them IMMEDIATELY! And may this family find some kind of peace in knowing that there are people out there who don’t even know you and are crying with sadness about your baby too—-Many prayers to this family for strength and shower them with love.

  • Shamma Lammadingdong

    This girl deserves justice and the sicko that did it will never receive a punishment that truly fits the crime. Unfortunately without a confession or other strong evidence, they won’t be able to arrest the family member responsible until the DNA results come back…

  • Michael Marsh

    When you live in a country that legally embraces child killing by abortion and degrading each other through porn bad things are going to happen. Plain and simple.

    • Shamma Lammadingdong

      It’s only plain and simple to simple minded people.

    • CCMcBee

      Like Israel. The government pays for abortions there.

    • And electing child rapist to office

      • Steve Jackson

        And looking the other way at a ex-president who one claimed raped them, many claimed assaulted them, confessed to an affair, got Monica’s while in the White House and lied under oath!!! leave it up to a Democrat to bring up politics in a horrible and sad situation.

  • Latane Banks

    I truly believe their will never be a. change in some of these unforgettable things going on with these babies, I mean my God they’re being raped and murdered. In one of the cases one guy after they arrested him He was ready to go to prison, he described what he would be getting,3 meals a day, medical, education,cool in the summer,and warm in the winter. This is mind blowing, until they treat these animals like they deserve to be treated, like the CHAIN GANG NEEDS TO BE put back in affect immediately it’s not going to stop unless they have a real desire NOT to do these horrible things to these children,for fear of going to do hard labor I mean Hard.. Going to the CHAIN GANG should be a must. Gotta treat an animal like a animal.

  • Becca Mccumbers

    rest in paradise sweet baby girl

  • Mickoel Harris

    Who are her family I am in a facebook group called justice for children without voices. They are publishing her story and would like a little bit more information

  • Zsusa Hortoninski

    I cannot fathom the sheer excrutiating pain this family is going through. I am so sorry that we still ive in a world that rapes and kills children.

  • Lora Flowers

    So this is Paitins mother. The courts never placed her no where her father called my mother and said to come get them. So all I’m going to say is come to both parties and get all the facts before u post things.. thanks!!!

  • Marie Fields Spaulding

    This was my niece no one will ever know the pain my brother feels or what is going through. She was my niece and my family her father said is dealing with it the best way we can. There have been so many stories we just want the truth and why someone would do this. We want Justice for Paitin.

  • Diana Watkins

    God bless this beautiful little girl,I pray they catch the monster who done this I pray for the strength of the family ,and pray there will be justice served for her, this bleeding heart society need to start thinking of theses children instead of these sick minded people that is harming our babies, and quit telling people how they need help,there is no help for them so why waste our money housing and protecting them in our prison system,it became a shame when a man gets more time for selling drugs than they get forharming our babies,god I pray they catch him . God bless the family I will keep praying for guidance, strength and justice for your beautu9 baby girl and your family .

  • Mary Della Valle

    What sort of monster does this to a little girl?? I hope whoever did this rots in hell forever

  • Kimberly O’Hara

    I’m so sorry for your loss of your precious daughter. I can’t begin to imagine the hell youre going through. I pray that the animal that did this will be found soon. My prayers are with you.

    • Marie Fields Spaulding

      Thanks Kimberly O’Hara

  • Angela Lewis

    i pray that justice will be served .. this means that there is a child rapist and murder still around watching and waiting for its next victim… sometimes I wonder if it was a government officials family member if it would move faster as far as justice is served… just saying…

    • L & R

      So, you get better service and fresher chicken if your brother works at KFC?

    • guest45

      the answer to your question is YES!

  • Nessa Mae Ramsey

    If the maternal grandmother had physical custody of this child, where is she and what does she have to say? Not meaning she’s responsible in any way. But, where did it happen? When? And who was she with at the time? Has the SBI or FBI been involved? If not…..they should be! I don’t think our department is enough for this type of investigation. I wouldn’t rest til I had some answers! God bless this precious angel and her family.
    P.S. I live in this community where it happened. I believe our parents and grandparents have a right to know something! And I speak for many others!

  • CeCelia Bracken

    I live only a few miles from where this happened. This sickens me that someone is walking around free and this little baby who was an innocent child had the worst thing possible happen to her. I pray that this sick individual is persecuted to the max and the same thing that he done to her is done to him only 10x worse!!

    • Marie Fields Spaulding

      This is and was my niece. No one will ever know the pain her father feels or me as her aunt feels. We just want answers.

    • DeReta Grant Atkinson

      Amen to that! It’s time for a reckoning. People who know the truth about what happened…who lived there for Christ sake need to give up the ghost. Stop protecting this person. Is it fair to point fingers at your own flesh & blood? Think about it seriously. GIVE UP THE GHOST! God bless her heart, he took her for this reason. To put to light what’s wrong with this family. Don’t go blaming someone else for the truth as you know. Just saying. Step up & give up the ghost or you’ll regret it seriously and have to live with out seeing your grands the rest of your life. SMIB!

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