WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Clean water is something many people take for granted.  An elementary school in the Cape Fear is trying to teach students the value of it while helping kids their age in 3rd world countries. WWAY’s Daniel Seamans introduces us to the person who came up with an idea to use ‘change’ for ‘change’.

Jakim Beatty took part in the project. “It kind of felt great,” 5th grader Jakim told WWAY’s Daniel Seamans.”Becuase it’s not everyday you can do something for someone you don’t know. It felt kind of great.”

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3rd grader Addison Daniels took part too. “We raised pennies then raised nickels, then dimes and quarters and we ended up with a lot of money to make a well,” she said.

The brainchild of the “Be the Change, Bring the Change” service learning project is Christina Daniels. “I showed them dirty water,” Christina said of when they first started. “And said would you want to drink this and they’re like ‘no’, I said this is what most people in the world drink if they don’t have a source for clean water.”

Christina created a week long project for Forest Hills Global Elementary students.

“We made a big thinking map of how we could make a difference, how could we change the way we use our water at home, at school, and how we could help those who don’t have water around the world.”

She added a little fun, too! “Each day we had a theme, pajama penny day,” she said. “So they got to wear pajamas if they brought pennies, neon nickels, dazling dimes day, creative quarters day, it was really fun.”

Next thing you know, they raised enough money to build a clean drinking well in Africa.

“Our goal is for them to have an awareness that there are problems in the world, how can we be that change,” Christina added.

Christina Daniels, we are all ‘aware’ that what change you are creating with the students is nothing short of Extraordinary!

Click here for more specifics on their clean water project.

Keep up the great work, y’all!