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Bradley Creek Health Center at Carolina Bay circulated community flyers with Christmas greeting card from the 1920s.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A controversial community calendar led to one New Hanover County retirement home apologizing to residents.

Bradley Creek Health Center at Carolina Bay circulated a community calendar with a Christmas greeting card from the 1920s.

Several people contacted our newsroom offended about the cards. WWAY’s Andrew James went to the retirement center for answers.

Management tells us they were not aware of the image when it was first published and distributed on December 1. They say the calendars were taken down as soon as they learned about the image on Monday.

Management says there was not an approval process in place for what had been a simple events calendar. But have now put an approval process in place.

They also released this statement:

“The administration and management of the Bradley Creek Health Center became aware this past Monday of an offensive image that was unfortunately included in a monthly resident calendar that had been distributed to the residents last Friday December 1st. The calendars were immediately removed from the facility. The owners, management and administration of Bradley Creek are deeply embarrassed by and sincerely apologize for the use of this image and the pain it has caused. The thoughtless choice by one employee to use this image is not in any way a reflection of this organization’s values or culture.”

NAACP members tell us they plan to hold a press conference Friday morning reacting to the events flyer.


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  • guest45

    there are some people that really need to grow up and get a life, they will belly ache over anything, we had a black lady that dressed just like that babysit us, cooked for us, and we loved to death, what is wrong with that calender? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    • Christopher Meyers

      We had a lady like that too. Her name was “Maimie” and we loved her so much! She wouldn’t let a thing happen to us! I miss her to this very day!
      All we have nowadays is a bunch of cry-baby, whiney-pants that had rather sponge off the government and complain than find decent work!

  • John Marsh

    The person they are talking about is far from thoughtless. The story is absolutely false. Why don’t you do a full investigation befor fabricating a story to please the reader. She makes the calendars every month for this retirement home she has not one racist bone in her body. When it was brought to her attention she immediately took it down without asking why. This is nothing but a simple mistake that is being blown out of proportion. This is nothing other than someone trying to cause trouble.

    Respectfully, John Collins
    Phone# 910-619-8907

    • OkayOkay

      “Thoughtless” is appropriate, if “she immediately took it down without asking why.”
      If you’ve hit puberty, you’re aware that image is racist.
      No one is that uneducated, even in NC.
      Now, I appreciate a person thoughtful enough to take time making calendars for a retirement home.
      But there’s no way a person wouldn’t know that image is racist, and even IF they didn’t… NOT ASK WHY?!?! … nor would they work for an employer that didn’t MAKE HER KNOW what was wrong. Way to not solve that, everyone. Nice work.
      I’m not calling anyone a racist, just an idiot.

  • Marx Andrzejewski

    So don’t hang it up or throw the calendar away!
    What’s next the bottle of Aunt Jamima maple syrup? How about the Chef Boyardee can goods or the bags of coffee with the Hispanic man and his donkey?
    If it offends you don’t look at it, buy it or use it! It doesn’t have to always be blown out of proportion like it has of late.
    Stop being so sensitive just because you all know you can, grow a spine.

    • Yvonne Slater

      Thank you sir, for seeing the Truth and not the Malfeaseance of another. People choose sometimes..not all the time…but sometimes, just to stir up trouble or distraction away from themselves. We need more Righteous people to stand up for the Truth when we recognize it! Thank you sir!

  • Jeff

    Maybe the “3 Stooges…Bully Billy, Jesse, and Al” will be here to protest.

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