How long have you been in your home? 15 years … 20 years or more? Does your kitchen look a little dated?  Now … maybe you actually like harvest gold or avocado appliances from the 70’s … or maybe you have figured out a way to reach the canned goods on the back of that “Lazy Susan” cabinet that stopped spinning in 1994. But let’s face it … if you are going to sell a home that was built back then, or even if you are just tired of the “door-less cabinet” look that you acquired because the cabinet doors literally … fell off, it may be time to talk to a professional kitchen remodeler.

All kidding aside, a remodeled kitchen can add value to your home. The rule of thumb is that a solid kitchen remodel can earn about 92% of the cost back in added home value, so in other words, $10,000 spent on remodeling, can yield an additional $9,200 in the sale of your home. Meaning the new kitchen will actually cost you $800!

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HGTV.com says “The biggest mistake homeowners make is spending more on the remodeling project than their home value can support. Don’t expect to get optimum return on a $65,000 kitchen if the home is valued at $300,000. Generally speaking, you can spend between 6 and 10 percent of the total home value and get fair returns.”

Just be careful not to be so thrifty, that you overlook items that buyers are looking for in your price range. If you are in fact remodeling to sell, choose materials that appeal to the most people. This may mean stainless steel appliances that are of higher quality rather than construction-grade models. Add functional features like pantry drawers, soft close cabinet drawers and doors, waste-recycling cabinetry. But don’t over-personalize the space. You may really like the art-deco drawer pulls that cost $35 each, but will buyers care? Probably not.

The best way to find out what is popular and help attract buyers is to talk to a kitchen remodeler early on in the planning stage of your project. Don’t marry yourself to a ton of ideas before you talk to a professional. They can not only help you decide what works best for your particular needs but can help you save money in the long run, by designing around your footprint, prevailing trends and the ultimate reason for the remodel.

At The Kitchen Man, our experts work with you right from beginning, taking into consideration everything from flooring, to lighting, cabinets, countertops, and layout, ensuring that your new kitchen fits not only your dreams but your budget.

Not looking to sell, but want to feed your inner Racheal Ray? Then, by all means, let your designer put you in touch with that chef lurking inside you, and go hog wild with Subzero walk-ins, six burner Viking stoves and countertops so thick you have to add weight trusses to your floors! Just remember to invite us over for the big gourmet feast.