#UNSOLVED: Woman asks for help moments before being killed in Bladen Co.


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Nine years ago, a twenty-year-old woman was killed just minutes after asking for help.

What happened to Amber Babson on September 14, 2008 remains unsolved.

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As David Babson walks down Pleasant Garden Road near Bladenboro, about once a week, he holds onto memories of his youngest daughter Amber.

“She was very outgoing. She was fun to be around. She was just precious to us,” Babson said.

It is a path he has walked over and over for the last nine years. It is where Amber was killed on September 14th 2008.

“On Saturday night which would have been September the 13th, she was at our home,” Babson said.

Babson said Amber decided to clean her car that day.

“I was getting on to her about it being so dirty, so she took it to the car wash and washed it. She called me and she said, ‘Daddy, you’re going to be so proud of me. You ought to see my car,'” Babson said. “She said, ‘I am about to carry the spare key to you.’ She never made it. She never came home.”

Lt. Morgan Johnson with the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office said Amber and some of her friends went out drinking later that night.

“Amber Babson met with some of her friends in Chadbourn,” Johnson said. “She went from there to a juke joint on Pleasant Garden Road.”

Johnson said around two or three o’clock Amber left and she decided not to ride home with her friends.

“She got out of the vehicle with her friends and walked a period of distance,” Johnson said.

Johnson said Amber got to a house down the road and knocked on the door to ask for help. He said the woman inside called 911, but Amber kept walking down the road.

“She was struck by someone and was killed there,” Johnson said. “Ms. Babson was left for dead.”

Then, Johnson said another 911 call came into dispatch.

“Another vehicle left the juke joint and ran over her and then stopped and realized what had happened and called law enforcement,” Johnson said.

Later that morning, the coroner tracked down Amber’s dad and told him what happened.

“I had to stand at the other end of this road knowing that was her under that sheet,” Babson said. “A feeling that no parent should ever have to go through.”

Johnson said detectives began looking for the driver of the first car.

“We have no idea who might have been driving the vehicle, what the vehicle looked like,” Johnson said. “Law Enforcement later located a burnt vehicle. I think that kind of ran dry.”

Johnson said someone out there knows what happened.

“Someone knows. Someone somewhere knows who ran her over. Someone was there. Someone said something to someone,” Johnson said. “All we would like to do is for someone to have a heart and at least come forward. They can call anonymously. They can call Bladen County Sheriff’s Office. They don’t have to give a name.”

Meanwhile, Babson continues to walk this path searching for the end.

“Closure,” Babson said. “We realize she’s not coming home. We just want to know what happened that morning.”

If you know anything please contact the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office.