H2Go Board holds special meeting to discuss meeting minutes

H2Go Board of Commissioners hold a special meeting December 11, 2017 (Photo: Sarah Johnson/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After several eventful meetings in the last month, Monday night’s H2Go special meeting wrapped without any big decisions.

Notice of the special meeting was sent to the news media Saturday.

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Commissioners Trudy Trombley, Bill Beer and Jeff Gerken were the only commissioners in attendance.

The board voted to have Commissioner Gerken facilitate Monday’s meeting.

Commissioners briefly discussed the meeting minutes from H2Go’s November 28 meeting, voting to put the word operations in quotation marks twice in the meeting minutes.

Monday night’s meeting adjourned after about five minutes.

The next H2Go Board Meeting is scheduled for December 19 at 6 p.m.