Neighbors are leaving poop in packages to fight back against thieves


KANSAS CITY, MO (WDAF) — Metro residents are fighting back against porch package thieves in a unique — and smelly — way.

Many neighbors are filling empty packages with dog and cat waste and other items hoping to “raise a stink” against the criminals.

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“I have two shoe boxes full of poo!” said Anna Nedeau, who lives in the Volker neighborhood. “Kind of fight back in a passive aggressive way.”

She said she’s tired of hearing about package thefts.

“Yeah, I’m sick about it! And it’s kind of fun. I clean out my backyard, and I clean out my cat box, and I recycle the poo,” Nedeau said.

So she and other neighbors have taken it upon themselves to leave packages for thieves that they hope they’ll steal.

“Use poop, and cat poo, and poo poo poo!” Nedeau said. “I put the poo in a nice Christmas wrap with ribbons and a little card. I just want them to get so frustrated that all these boxes that they’re picking up have poo in them.”

But Nedeau said you have to be strategic about it.

“You just don’t want to have any return address or anything,” she said. “Mark out anything that’s incriminating. Don’t put it on your porch; put it kind of maybe between houses, like it was dropped there, so you won’t have any retaliation.”

Nedeau said she knows people in the Volker, West Plaza and Hyde Park neighborhoods participating, and she tells people at her gym to do it, too.

“They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, I have an Amazon box and cat. I can definitely get on board with that,’” Nedeau said. “Let’s just have protest! A poo box protest!”

She said this way, maybe the criminals will give up and stop stealing packages.

“Plus, it kind of gets out, you know, your frustrated feelings about crime that you can’t do anything about,” Nedeau said. “It’s cathartic too. It helps you keep your Christmas cheer.”

So, if you’re having trouble with package thieves, Nedeau has a message for you: “Wrap it up, easy as pie!” she said.

And she also has a message for the thieves coming for her boxes.

“I hope you like old lady panties and cat food cans because that’s what you`re gonna get for Christmas!” she said.

Nedeau said she plans on putting the boxes out starting Tuesday and recommends you do the same if you’re having an issue with package thieves.