Teacher of the Week: Robert Parker


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Robert Parker is humble about being named the WWAY Michael and Son Teacher of the Week saying the award is moreso for his students at Ashley High School.  When it comes to talking about those students is when he gets the most excited.

“I get to do a group project every day,” the Director of Bands says, “other teachers just don’t get to have that kind of fun at work.”

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As a music teacher his day is filled with practice, practice and more practice as he prepares multiple bands and ensembles for concerts.  “I wan them to remember the experience they had in their performance,” he says, “I want them to know what music means and why they should carry it.”

It’s not just about music in his classroom, however.  “I hope they take life lessons, life skills etiquette and professionalism with them,”  Parker says, “I want them to understand how to be accountable to themselves and others within a group.”

His goal as a teacher is to be remembered as someone who gave them a better outlook on life.