Bolton nightclub shut down, property owner gets new restrictions


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two people dead and several more shootings and robberies which all are among the reasons District Attorney Jon David went to court Friday, in an attempt to shut down a Columbus County nightclub.

“Public safety is paramount for us, and moving forward, there will be zero tolerance of any law violations on that property,” said David.

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The party is over at the Hideaway Club in Bolton.

“There’s been two homicides there, there’s been a number of shootings there, a number of robberies there, so we’ve had quite a few incidents to happen there,” said Columbus County Sheriff Lewis Hatcher.

After all that crime in the past few years, David, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, and North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement decided to step in.

They presented the owner of the property, John Henerey Freeman, a consent order before Superior Court Judge Douglas Sasser at the Columbus County Courthouse in Whiteville.

“Judge Sasser has ordered that this property now has certain burdens upon it. While Mr. Freeman will remain the lawful owner, he’s heavily restricted on the types of businesses he can operate, the hours that he can operate, and what can be sold from that location,” said David.

The DA says that Freeman, who left before talking to reporters, has been understanding of the job that needed to be done through this process.

Moving forward, David wants the public’s help in making sure Freeman or any future owner of the property follows these new rules.

“If the public becomes aware, anybody in the community, that there’s a violation upon this property, we encourage you to call law enforcement and it will be aggressively dealt with,” said David.

Alcohol on the property is now forbidden.

Freeman or any future owner is not permitted to operate a nightclub, bar, or any similar establishment on the property and no business can be operated from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.