People on the fence over President Trump’s alleged comment


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The allegations surrounding President Donald Trump have been a hot topic across the country today including right here in our area. While many take issue with what he may have said, others understand what the president may have meant.

“There’s just certain things you just generally don’t say about other people and other countries,” UNCW International Studies Director, Herbert Berg said.

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“I don’t necessarily feel like that it’s wrong to use that kind of language when you are conveying passion or you want to add emphasis to your points'” UNCW student, Timothy Updegraft said.

President Trump denies he made a vulgar slur about Haiti and Africa.

“If he didn’t say it that’s a completely different matter but it’s just something that you generally don’t say,” Berg said. “I mean it doesn’t make for good national relations.”

Berg said either way the comment will become part of his lesson plan.

“I have a few international students in my classes and they aren’t from the countries that were referred to so I don’t know how much it will effect them, but this will certainly come up in class,” Berg said.

“If your point is what you want is high quality immigrants coming in, people who have advanced degrees, educational people who can come in an contribute and fill in some holes in the economy that we have in different ways, that’s perfectly valid. But to sit down and assume that because a person comes from say Nigeria or comes from Haiti that they don’t meet the standard it’s going to trip upon racism,” UNCW International Studies Professor, Daniel Master said.

Both professors agree students will probably bring up the topic in class, but said the alleged comment it is not a good example for their students.

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