UNCW’s Daniel Etoroma making the most of his opportunities


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Many casual UNCW fans may not recognize the name Daniel Etoroma. But he has actually been with this team since last year where he was a practice player for the Seahawks. This season, his role is beginning to change.

“Last year was a lot of learning experiences. This year it’s more about learning what players do and being a contributor more so than just a practice player.”

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Etoroma’s number hasn’t been called much to help contribute on the court this season. But he continues to put the work in at practice and make an impact any way he can.

“I think I can be used in many ways to help other players. I can also increase my ability in every area I work on.”

His systematic approach to trying to improve and get better comes from another source. All these guys are student athletes and Etoroma uses his major to help his game.

“I’m a chemistry major and I play basketball. Not many people know that unless they read my bio or something. It’s very difficult but discipline will definitely help you with achieving what you want at both.”

Etoroma and this team wants to win. Through the early goings of the season, it has been hard to come by for UNCW. But Coach C.B. McGrath has created a culture where everyone knows things can turn around.

“I feel like this team has a winning attitude. We pay attention to all the things the coaches tell us, we’ve been picking up very quickly the offense that he’s bringing and I think it’s a very good fit for UNCW, this coach.”

The opportunities for Etoroma may be limited this season as he works through his first full year as a member of this roster. But when that time comes, he has to be ready.”

“It just means you have to be very intentive and make sure you pay attention to details that the coaches say. You have to work hard and make sure that you build chemistry with your teammates so that you can be on the floor with them and flow on the floor.”

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