H2GO board meets for the first time in 2018


LELAND, NC (WWAY) – A crowd of H2GO customers packed the small meetings chambers at the H2GO offices in Leland for the body’s first meeting of 2018.

Public comment was mixed, neighbors talking both for and against the plant as well as requesting the board do more to keep promises of safe drinking water.

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The board, now chaired by Jeff Gerken, approved the minutes legalizing the previous December special meetings that were held with only three out of the five members in attendance and with commissioner and now board secretary Bill Beer one of that three.

The commission also heard from the sanitary district’s executive director Bob Walker. Walker talked about water testing and sampling conducted by the staff. Historically, they have conducted weekly tests for chemical byproducts like PFA, Nafion, Dioxane and the others that were identified by NC State researcher Dr. Detlef Knappe.

Chairman Gerken and Vice-Chair Trombley questioned the need for weekly tests citing the fact that the tests cost more than $700 for the water delivery service. The board came to the compromise to change testing from weekly to twice a month. They only requested two more tests be done as they talk with the county to see if the testing by H2GO was necessary. Walker did note that the County had no test results for byproducts like Nafion 1 and 2 as H2GO had.

Attorneys addressed the board to give an update on the Town of Belville asset transfer. Simply put, the town maintains ownership of the $11 million in assets of the sanitary district. It cannot though use the assets for anything other than H2GO billings such as more than $2.5 million that was paid for invoices related to the previous work done on the reverse osmosis plant, which now sits idle as work on it is frozen until Leland, H2GO, and Belville complete their injunction case.

Belville town leaders have until February the 8th to appeal these current rules and restrictions that were laid out by a Brunswick County judge.

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