Brunswick Co. Commissioners continue to explore Lockwood Folly dredging

Lockwood Folly Inlet (Photo: Helen Holt/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Commissioners got an update about the feasibility of dredging a new channel at Lockwood Folly Inlet.

Commissioners asked ACTIM, an environmental engineering firm out of Texas, to look into the project back in November.

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Dredging would create a 150 foot wide and 12 foot deep channel at Lockwood Folly, along with providing a large amount of sediment for beach renourishment.

Commissioner Randy Thompson says that Lockwood Folly is important to the fishing and boating community and this project would make the inlet safer to navigate.

The findings of ACTIM’s feasibility study were presented at the Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night.