911 call of Wilmington shooting: ‘I just shot and killed him… and it’s somebody I know’


    NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The man shot and killed last night at a home on Mohawk Trail has been identified as 35 year-old Daniel Thomas Hauser.

    According to the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, the deadly shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. at a home in the 200 block of Mohawk Trail.

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    Investigators say the home owner, 50-year-old Andrew Thompson, told them he was home when he heard his back door get kicked in and a man then entered his home.

    Thompson told investigators he grabbed his gun and shot the intruder once.  According to a 911 call, the caller identifies himself as the shooter.

    “I had an intruder in my house, they broke in,” the caller said.

    “I was asleep in bed and I heard some glass break downstairs. I got out of the bed and then someone came up the steps and turned the hall light on and as soon as I saw the hall light come on, I just shot and I killed him, I’m afraid. And it’s somebody I know, but I don’t know what he was up to or why he was breaking into my house, but it’s not good.”

    “Do you think he is beyond help?” dispatcher asked.

    “I think so, yeah,” the caller said. “I shot him with a pistol that shoots shotgun shells, called a Judge, that’s what I shot him with. I didn’t have any idea that that would be happening,” the caller said.

    He told the dispatcher that he called a friend who is a deputy with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, but told him to immediately call 911.

    “I don’t know what he broke to get in but he broke something downstairs and came in my house, but I’d have to step over him to get downstairs so it might be best if they [police] just came in the same way he did,” the caller said.

    The dispatcher tells the caller to stay on the phone until help got there. The caller then asks if police could come quietly because he didn’t want to alarm neighbors.

    Hauser died of his injuries.

    According to the online report, Hauser is the victim of first degree murder. The sheriff’s office says they have not arrested anyone for murder, but this is an ongoing investigation.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Why would he call his cop friend for advice before calling 911? How to stage a scene?

    • karenenelson

      I’ve known Lee Thompson for 12 years and he is the kindest man I have ever known. He has been a good friend to me. I know him on a personal and business level. He would not hurt anyone unless prompted with no other choice. If he was friends with this man, it was because he was helping him somehow. He is close to his family and anyone who knows him loves him. The title “first degree murder” is the literal interpretation of what happened but not the conclusion as the case is still “ongoing”. That will change as his innocence of any wrongdoing is deducted and he is held out to the public as protecting his own property and home from someone who invaded his privacy, destroyed his back door, and came into his house, in the dark, with the intent to rob him. We’ll never know if there was an intent to harm Lee physically but the presumption is there based on the mere fact that the man broke into his house. No friend would ever do that. The only gut instinct is to protect yourself and your domain. By the way, Lee didn’t know he knew the intruder until it was too late. Remember he was sleeping and it was dark. instinct. Protect. Mr. Hauser made the decision to put himself in that situation, he committed several crimes, he was up to no good, he had no respect for Lee, he had no respect for personal or real property that didn’t belong to him, he took the risk, he lost.

    • 58thStreetSurfer

      Hauser is the “victim” of 1st degree murder? Did I read that correctly?

    • May Hemm

      You knew him, so you hang out with criminals who break into homes. Nuff said.

    • Christopher Meyers

      Hauser is a convicted Felon with multiple narcotics and DWI convictions. Not the kind of guy you want kicking your back door in and roaming your halls the middle of the night!
      BOOM! DONE!

      • May Hemm

        and he was someone he KNOWS…so what good of a guy hangs out with such criminals? Oh, a murderer…..fitting!

    • cheese101

      He won’t break into any more houses ever again.

    • guest45

      score another one for the good guy’s