CoCoRaHS seeking volunteers to help collect weather data

NWS hopes to add more volunteers to their CoCoRaHs program which allows the community to measure & report precipitation. (Photo: Helen Holt/WWAY)

If you have an interest in weather or science, you could do the National Weather Service a big favor.

We have airport weather station in Wilmington but there are major gaps in-between the coast and areas inland. That’s where CoCoRaHS — Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network — comes in. The NWS is in need of more volunteers for the program.

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CoCoRaHS is a volunteer program where rainfall and other precipitation measurements are measured. It allows the NWS to have a better understanding of our local weather and climate patterns by taking those daily observations, seeing things such as drought and periods of floods for historical record.

The program is important because it helps fill in the gaps between measurements at airports and will offer more reports to forecasters. There are 815 active CoCoRaHS stations in our state but only 56 in Southeastern NC. Help is especially needed in Robeson, Columbus, and Bladen counties.

Click here to sign up and learn more about the program.