President Trump rallies in PA on heels of plan to layout school safety agenda


PENNSYLVANIA (ABC) – On the heels of a big rally in the heart of steel country, President Trump is ramping up his base and ramping up his agenda. He laid out a new campaign slogan as speculation grows about the fight to keep our kids safe.

“Keep America Great! Exclamation mark.”

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President Trump unveiling a new campaign slogan Saturday at a rally for Pennsylvania congressional candidate Rick Saccone.

“Go out and vote on Tuesday for Rick Saccone,” said the President.

Saccone is locked in an unexpectedly tight race with Democrat Conor Lamb in a district trump won by nearly 20 points. During the rally the president also touted his upcoming meeting with North Korea, his tariffs plan and praised the death penalty for drug dealers.

“When I was in China, and other places, by the way, I said ‘Mr. President, do you have a drug problem?’ ‘No, no, no, we do not.’ I said huh, ‘big country, 1.4 billion people, right, not much of a drug problem. I said what do you attribute that to?’ ‘Well, the death penalty.'”

The President returning to Washington with no public schedule set for today.

But he was busy tweeting, including this statement about his approval ratings saying they’re higher than what’s being reported.

Meantime growing speculation about the soon to be announced white house school safety
created in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting. Deputy White House Press Secretary Raj Shah giving a hint to ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

KARL: What about raising the age? He made it very clear on that.
SHAH: Yeah the President has been clear that he does support raising the age to 21.
KARL: As federal policies?
SHAH: For certain firearms uh again there’s going to be recommendations to states and a task force. I don’t want to get ahead of uh what’s going to be announced but I will say that will be a component of it raising the age, as well as mental health and uh as I mentioned improving background checks.