Hours after posting bond, man arrested again on drug charges


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Chadbourn man was arrested on drug charges and within a few hours of posting bond, he was arrested again… for the same thing.

Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says following an investigation, Gerald Lamont Hemingway was arrested Tuesday for distributing large amounts of cocaine throughout several communities in Columbus County.

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The sheriff’s office conducted a search warrant at a home on Lowe Street in Chadbourn. Detectives seized cocaine, marijuana, and several hundred dollars.

Hemingway was charged with Felony Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana, and
Maintaining a Dwelling for Keeping and Selling a Controlled Substance. He was in jail under a $12,500 secured bond.

That same day, the sheriff’s office says Hemingway was released after he posted bond. Within two hours, detectives were able to conduct an additional investigation after receiving information that Hemingway was contacting other people to traffic cocaine.

Detectives were able to conduct an undercover investigation where the Hemingway made a transaction for two ounces of cocaine with an undercover operative.

Detectives supervised the drug deal where Jerry Delane McBride was told by Hemingway to deliver two ounces of what Hemingway was representing as cocaine to the undercover operative for $2,800.

Following the purchase, detectives determined the substance to be a counterfeit controlled substance presented as cocaine.

On Tuesday evening, detectives conducted a search warrant at a home on Bill Hooks Road where the drug deal with McBride had taken place. During the search, detectives were able to find $860 within McBride’s home, which was determined to be connected with the drug deal.

McBride was arrested and charged with four counts of Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine
Sell and Deliver Counterfeit Controlled Substance and Possession With Intent to Sell and Deliver a Counterfeit Controlled Substance.

His bond was set at $420,000 secured.

Hemingway was arrested again and charged with four counts of Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine, Sell and Deliver Counterfeit Controlled Substance, Possession With Intent to Sell and Deliver a Counterfeit Controlled Substance, two counts of Sell and Deliver Cocaine, and two counts of Maintaining a Dwelling for the Keeping and Selling of Controlled Substances.

His bond was set at $475,000 secured.