NC State students visit Wilmington to learn about opioid crisis


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Students from NC State University visited Wilmington this weekend to learn more about the opioid epidemic and its effects throughout the state.

The students had a two-day trip in the Port City and met with different professionals who are working to help the current opioid epidemic.

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Saturday they listened to a presentation given by a therapist who discussed treatment and the importance of helping addicts heal.

“My hope is with these forty individuals, that they will all take this into their careers, but also maybe they’ll take it into their living rooms. Maybe they’ll see a friend, maybe they’ll see a family member and pick up on some of the things we talked about today and have honest conversations about. Hey maybe you do have a problem with these substances and encourage them to get into treatment,” Therapist Lauren Moser Vilar said.

Vilar also said she hopes one thing these students take away from her lesson is that treatment works and recovery is possible.