Survey says adults still love their chocolate bunnies

Easter basket items (Photo: Pixabay via MGN)

Easter is right around the corner, so what better time to find out America’s favorite Easter basket items and traditions! polled 1,310 American adults ages 18 and over about their favorite Easter basket item, traditions and spending habits.

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Survey says, 49 percent favor a good, old-fashioned chocolate bunny in their basket!

Plastic eggs with candy came in with 19 percent, 13 percent said they’d rather have some cold hard cash, 10 percent said marshmallow Peeps were their favorite and finally, 9 percent said they preferred toys.

When it came to Easter traditions, 39 percent said they most enjoyed spending time with their family.

Religious aspects were next with 14 percent, 13 percent loved the thrill of the Easter egg hunt, 13 percent enjoyed getting creative with dying Easter eggs, 8 percent indulged their sweet tooth by eating Easter candy, and 6 percent said their favorite was enjoying a traditional Easter meal.

The website also found that 63 percent of Americans would purchase their Easter supplies at Walmart, 40 percent at their local dollar store and 39 percent at Target.

In addition, 74 percent of people said they added a little extra to their Easter eggs by adding money.